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"This book could not have come at a more opportune time. A ray of hope amid chaos. . ."

Arun Gandhi
Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi



In Becoming What You Want to See in the World: The Art of Joyful Living, author, speaker, and consultant Mary Claire O'Neal does something that no other salf-help manual writer has done quite in the same way before--she examines the "physics" of happiness and just how we can ignite and revive our passion and joy in life. Enhanced with personal stories, practical tools, and motivating activities, O'Neal draws upon her years of experience as a season professional to instruct her readers in how they can live more fulfilling, balanced and meaningful lives. Becoming What You Want to See in the World is a thoroughly "reader friendly" compilation of clear, concise principles and action plans that are founded upon effective and compassionate communication. If you only have time and energy for one self-improvement book at present, you would be well advised to make it Mary Claire O'Neal's Becoming What You Want to See in the World.

Midwest Book Review



Mary Claire O'Neal has a communication consulting business and has been teaching workshops in the art of effective and meaningful communication, happiness, humor, attitude and creativity for nealy 20 years. Her diverse work experience also includes mental health educator, Equity actor, and business owner.

All of these activities give Mary Claire ample experience to draw from in writing a book which deals with communication and personal growth. Although it may be her first book, the text contains practical advice and meaningful examples of how to lead a more fufilling life from a seasoned professional. You can learn more about Mary Claire by visiting her website at www.maryclaireoneal.com.

The book centers around tools anyone can use to improve their outlook on life. Such things as self-monitoring, limiting exposure to negativity, identifying joy in one's life, and a variety of other techniques are clearly explained. . .The easy-to-read text size and slim volume size will appeal to readers interestsed in the subject but perhaps intimidated by heftier tomes that address similiar topics.

Susan Dunman
Review in Selection Notes
Library Development Office, Kentucky Dept. for Libraries and Archives


A superbly recorded, two disc, 1.9 hour audio book production narrated by Mary Claire O'Neal, Becoming What You Want To See In The World examines the 'physics' of happiness and how anyone can invoke and restore passion and joy into the fabric of their lives. Replete with inspiring personal stories, Becoming What You Want To See In The World also provides tools and activities illustrating practical approaches to leading a more fulfilled, balanced, and meaningful life regardless of the listener's personal circumstances or economic restrictions. Especially recommended to the attention of those who are leading busy, time stressed lives, and feel they don't have the ability or opportunity to make changes in their schedules or themselves, Becoming What You Want To See In The World is ideal for learning how to take the time and invest the energy needed to improve the quality of life on a daily basis.

Midwest Book Review


"If you’re looking for a life coach, or motivating stories and affirmations, O’Neal’s personable manner and conviction in her philosophy will be attractive."

AudioFile Magazine, March 2008


Are you haunted by a nagging feeling of "There has to be more to life than THIS!"--more than what the world insists is what ought to make you happy? Maybe you've unconsciously settled for somebody else's definition of "happy." One of this book's many strengths is that it shows you how to practice noticing what makes YOU happy. Because we all grow up being taught how to see what's wrong (with ourselves and with life in general), we can end up focusing on it so much that we forget that life is really about experiencing what's right. We may even lose track of what "happy" feels like for us.

O'Neal's book can help you train yourself to see the "good stuff" that's already in your experience. Learning to see it and to focus on it is the key to experiencing and consciously creating more of it. Plus, the book's attractively designed, well-written, easy to follow and full of practical techniques. It's an empowering work that shows you how to engage your own ongoing thoughts to create a more joyful and meaningful life. There's a lot in this slim volume, including exercises that you can use to create and reinforce "joyful habits" for years to come. Recommended both for individual and study groups.

Marion R. Kee


The accessability, brevity and practicality of this book makes it valuable reading for anyone wanting to create a more balanced, happy life. I say this because I found the ideas and principles presented by Mary Claire O'Neal to ring true with my intuition and life observations, and I believe her insights to be universal to human experience. I've found the seven exercises and practices that she suggests (which she terms "tools") to be useful and helpful in getting my bearings in life.

This is not a dry reading of formulas to achieve happiness; O'Neal writes with an informal, personal voice and seasons the book with her own stories. It is also well written. I've had the pleasure of attending her workshop on communication, and can vouch for her brilliance as a teacher. Her book now extends to a wider audience the fruits of her efforts to achieve happiness and understand its underpinnings.

M. Campbell

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